The Indian market has plethora of bulk sms providers, which makes it difficult for companies to choose from. Although the price comparisons dominate the decision of majority of the companies, we bring you several other factors that need to be taken into consideration for executing your promotional and transactional SMS updates and OTPs. These factors are scalability, delivery speed, delivery rate, security, support and campaign customization easibility. Besides these, you must consider other overhead costs that comes into play while dealing with some of the bulk SMS providers like various other hidden charges and limitations placed by their UI/API portals.

Temptation to save few bucks may force you to opt for inferior bulk messaging services, but you must know, that sloppy services could lead to high delivery failure rates, which translates into higher significant costs in terms of lost transaction, lost opportunity and worse! Lost customer. Please keep in mind, if a bulk sms provider is asking unbelievably lower price, this is a clear sign of his poor SMS gateway infrastructure, product features, shady telecom partnership and poor customer support and after-sale service.

We are listing down few important factors that are well taken care of while selecting your bulk sms service partner:

* Many local bulk sms providers are tied to a single telecom operator. Any glitch in this arrangement and your deliveries may go for a toss throughout the day, which means lost transactions and lost opportunities. A good reliable bulk sms provider will have partnerships with multiple telecom operator. We, at SJ Technologies, boast an intelligent, seamless SMS gateway technology that guarantees negligible delivery failure rates and ultra-low latencies for your campaign messages. We are fully compliant with TRAI regulations.

* Why send plain vanilla looking SMSs? With SJ Technologies, you get a highly advanced and incredibly easy interface that allow you to create media-rich powerful messages so that you stand out among your competitors.

* We provide authentic delivery reports that allow you to validate our database and track the delivery for every SMS sent.

* Our advanced SMS APIs not only brings you a functionality of sending SMSs, but you can do lot more – receive messages, fetch delivery reports and schedule your marketing campaigns. We bring you most transparent system that allows you to check the effectiveness of your campign.

* We have complete transparency in our pricing. We are honest with our quotations with no hidden charges. * Our 24X7 robust customer support ensures our customers get best of our services. We are happy to say that our 92% customers are repeat customers. This validates our quality service and robust infrastructure.