As more and more businesses be it small or big needs to be connected to their customers even when they are on move, bulk SMS has increasingly become an important tool in effective multi-channel marketing. Despite the growing awareness on the importance of bulk SMS marketing, there are not many digital marketing agencies offering these services as a part of their core services, which lead to clients missing out opportunities on their customers and the increased RoIs.

It is a misconception among companies that bulk SMS marketing is expensive that requires investments in apps. The second misconception is that there is no possibility for customisation and targeted communication, hence no way to check the validity of send messages and no way to analyse the effectiveness of a campaign that supports the return on investment.

But it is far from reality. An access to mobile users is far more easier, so is the sending out customised and targetted communication messages with genuine service providers like SJ Technologies. Our advanced and customer friendly interface are designed keeping in mind the requirements of new-age customers.  

Worldwide, SMS marketing has played an essential role in making brand a household name as long as customer privacy is being well taken care of through legal means giving them a tool for opt-in.

Here are the reasons listed out given below on why SMS marketing is crucial for your marketing mix:

* Most direct means to reach out to customers: Bulk SMS marketing is the most direct channel of communication. As per the research, successful deliveries of messages will fetch you 97% open rate within 15 minutes of delivery. Around 45% of bulk SMS marketing campaign are successful enough to cover their investment. This rate reaches to 50% when combined with other means of marketing like email and social media.

* Include shortcodes in marketing collateral: The companies may include shortcodes or keywords in their marketing collateral like flyers, banners, bill boards that familiarise the customers with the brand and that induce them to open the message and interact.

* SMS must work with other marketing channels in tandem: We all now, all marketing channels must work in close coordination. Bulk messaging can be a great marketing channel even when works as standalone channel. It becomes highly effective when supported by other marketing channels like email and social media.

* Bulk SMS gets you fastest customer feedback: Bulk SMS services are widely used to collect feedback from the customers through surveys. According to the recent researches, 31% customers submit survey responses via SMS and that too, within 5 minutes, they respond. This clearly shows SMS fetch you great results in short period of time.

* Response data allows effective monitoring and tracking: Contrary to popular misconception, SMS enables tracking RoI, identifies customer engagements and also monitors delivery rates, bringing it at par with email marketing. The businesses can use these analytics to improve their future campaigns and and also enabling them to build stronger mobile database. With the advent of highly advanced, customisable user-friendly interface, SMS marketing has come a long way in recent years, widely adopted by not only small and medium enterprises, but also large corporations. If you are looking for a genuine bulk SMS service provider, our executives at SJ Technologies will be happy to assist you. Contact us through an email: or call us @ 9999460472. Or, do visit our office @ Cowork Delhi, 101, Khudiram Bose Marg, Mayur Vihar, Phase 1, Delhi.