Create and maintain a database for different sales leads is essential as an marketing tool for every small business. Database is a log where you collect all the information about your current and potential customers. It is very important to understand that the success of every marketing campaign be it bulk SMS, bulk email or any other telemarketing techniques or any other channel, depends on the strength of the database. A strong leads database has an ability to do wonders for your sales numbers. No matter whatever marketing activities you undertake, the results heavily rely on the quality of your database. A good database ensures the list of customers about whom you are confident that they use your or similar product or they are in need of your products or might be needing your product in near future.

What information does the database hold?

The database is created in excel sheets in tabular format where a company records all the information about current and future customers. It also records their behaviour that helps you to design your marketing campaigns and their usage of marketing channels that help you the time and days when they are expected to respond highly. It also contains the information like when they were contacted last, what was their feedback and when they should be contacted again.

Now the question comes: How to build such a database?

We share with you 4-step guide that will help you through the process:

Step 1: Determine who is your customer is

You need to decide who are the potential customers who are in need of your product or could buy your product. Talk to them. Understand what motivates them to make a purchase. Understand their characteristics and traits and buying pattern and discuss with them your sales team:

* What industry do they come from?

* Are they small or medium or large corporations?

* What are the job and job roles they are into?

* What challenges do they feel in their jobs?

Step 2: Identify the companies and the key people you need to target them

In this step, make a list of companies whom you think could convert. Also list down the departments and the key person of that department you need to get in touch with. Here, you may take a help of tools like linkedin. Or, you may approach SJ Technologies, we have a huge database of various segments, of various age groups, job profiles, income groups etc.

Step 3: Search the web for your leads’ contact details

This is the most gruesome task. You are here actually cyber-stalking the leads, you will be digging into company’s website, check out their social media profiles, other independent websites, press releases of the companies to get their details.

Step 4: Validate Contact Details

After building a database, you will calling each number to check if that person actually works in that company or changed his job or is he in the same department or shifted. As per the survey, average marketing database gets over 36% stale data every year. It is highly important to see if the database does not filled with junk leads.

Or, if all these steps seem too gruelling, you can get in touch with SJ Technologies that will give you access to our database of 10 million contacts on pan India level. With our database, you can build your own targeted list of sales leads using over 30 different criteria, for example, age, job locaton, salary, industry, and many more. Our executives at SJ Technologies will be happy to assist you. Contact us through an email: or call us @ 9999460472. Or, do visit our office @ Cowork Delhi, 101, Khudiram Bose Marg, Mayur Vihar, Phase 1, Delhi.