Bulk SMS marketing is the most popular way to engage with your customers. If you do not believe us, let us share with you few quick numbers –

  • In India, as per the statistics as on December 2019, there were over 1.1 billion mobile subscribers.
  • Out of which, 82% of subscribers have their SMS notifications turned ON.
  • 95% of bulk SMS sent for business purposes are read within 4 minutes of being sent.
  • The average bulk messaging conversion rate is 45%.

We hope these numbers should look convincing to you but the story doesn’t end here. It feels great that you have the contact numbers of your prospective customers and they too have given their consent to hear from you through opted-in for business messages, but what should you send them? How do you send them? It’s all about delivering value to them and giving them a good reason to revert back and engage with you.

We at SJ Technology are the experts in crafting bulk SMS messages, guiding and mentoring the companies across India, customised to their marketing goals so that they get the best value on their RoIs.  

Hence, we are bringing you few SMS marketing campaign ideas that you need to know before dive into bulk SMS campaigns:

Offer exclusive SMS-led offers – discounts to customers.

Don’t you feel frustrated when you see some of your friends are getting special discounts, while you are not eligible for it.

You must have come across such texts:

* Show this text message and avail 15% off

* Use the code “SMS’” at checkout point and get a free upgrade

* SMS Exclusive: Shop this Saturday via this link and get discount of 10%. bitly.com/exclusive.

Make sure all these offers and discounts are SMS exclusive. Your customers should not find these offers anywhere else. This will give them a reason to remain on your subscriber list. It has been observed 92% of shoppers make use of these discount code once in a year.

2. Run competitions.

Engage your customers by sending them SMS notifying them of competitions that can win them free products, win points that they use them in their future purchases. Such competitions are instant hit among shoppers and they skyrocket your engagement rates instantly.

Few examples are given below:

* “Win a free product. Text ENTER to 58767 to participate in competition – “ILoveBigBazaar”

* Reply WIN and Get a chance to win free product.

* Reply WIN and get three month’s free access to our award winning software.

3. Notify audiences about upcoming sales.

If a sales season is around and you would like to notify your customers about it in advance, bulk messaging services are an instant hit in these cases. This makes sure you have shoppers around your store on the initial days of sales, which further helps in spreading word of mouth publicity.

“Flash sale starts this Friday at noon. Don’t miss out!”

“QUICK! 40% off sale starts tomorrow. Use this link for your special discount”

If you want to move a step further, you may attach an image or a flyer to give them a glimpse of the sales and discounts offered. If these ideas are enticing enough, our sales executives at SJ Technologies would be happy to hear more about your marketing goals and discuss with you many more such bulk sms campaigns. You may reach out to us +91-99994 60472 or email us at mehtanitin004@gmail.com