SMS marketing (popularly known as mass texting, test message marketing and text sms blasts), is a fastest growing marketing communication medium for businesses world over. It is largely because of the ease and accessibility, SMS marketing has become the most preferred way to reach out to customers across varied industries. SMS marketing is a powerful tool, if used correctly, can prove the most effective communication medium between you and your potential customers.

How does it work? 

SMS marketing needs to be customised depending on the business you are in. The challenge lies in understanding that it is not about a cellphone or a mobile handset you have. It is all about activating a short code or a number that enables you to reach out to a large number of people. To do that, you are required to have an SMS platform.

The key lies in understanding your target audience

The success of this marketing medium is based on the fact that SMS marketing is a tool through which you can reach out to literally anyone who has a cellphone. But to make it more effective and result oriented, you need to have a profile of your target audience and design your text message depending on their needs and requirements.

Who are your target audience?

Target audience is a people who are actually in need of your products / services and the one who is having a cellphone and wishes to receive your messages. This is called a focussed marketing.

Other variables that you need to consider while defining your target audience?

First and foremost task is to define your target audience and how are you going to reach out to the – through which medium? If you are in a sucha product or service where the choice is not evident, you need to consider the following pointers that help you define your target audience:

  1. Demographics: Segregate your audience depending on the demographics. Demographics could be on various parameters like age, education, gender, educational background, religion, etc. Once you define them based on their demographics, it will become easier for you align your marketing content based on their preferences. There are various tools out there that will help you in this task like readability analysis that will assess the readability of your message and align with your audience’s education level.
  • Psychographics: Segregation can also be done on the basis of psychographics that categorize people depending on their preferences, liking, disliking, attitudes, goals and other psychological criteria. Apply Aristotal’s logos, ethos, and pathos formula to find out the most strong emotions that you would like to evoke among your audience.

3.Socio economic status: Which strata of the society you are planning to reach out to with your sms marketing campaign and your product and services? Are you a premium brand? Do you fall in luxury brand category? Or, you cater to middle class audience? Prepare your sms marketing content, depending on your audience. For say, a premium car brand won’t send out coupons along with text marketing message.

  • Geography: Create sms marketing message keeping in mind of your audiences where they work, they live, they travel, they dine in and things like this. Make your sms message local and topical.

These are the four parameters that help you defining your target audience and plan out your sms marketing campaign keeping in mind, their preferences, liking, behaviour patterns and socio-economic background and so on. If you haven’t done your audience profiling yet and need our assistance to make your SMS marketing campaign a success, contact SJ Technologies @ Our marketing executives, with a decade old experience, will be happy to guide you on designing, implementation and execution of a successful marketing campaign.