As COVID-19 (Corona) virus has threatened the economies world over leading to temporary shut down of the businesses, the lock down of the cities, closures of the retail shops, life seems to come to a halt. In these difficult times, it becomes imperative for businesses to keep their communication channels opened with their employees, with their  existing customers and potential customers.

As their employees have been restricted to their homes because of the government guidelines in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak and are forced to work from home, business owners are frantically searching for ways to keep in touch with their human resource – keep them abreast with the latest changes in company policies, the effects of precautionary measures and the support offered for the well-being of its employees and the messages that assure them that they are being well-taken care of and they need not to panic. Workforce are actively seeking information on what are they expected to do and what should not they do. Hence, bulk messaging – bulk sms and bulk email services come handy at this hour.

Companies are increasingly turning to bulk sms / messaging services as the most reliable channel to tide over the crisis of communication.

Where does bulk messaging help your company during COVID-19 outbreak?

* Proactively inform your human resource about safety precautions

* Inform your employees on procedural changes and changes in your HR policies pertaining to hiring, contractual staff, reinstatements and yearly appraisals.

* Dispel panic situations and maintain peace among its workforce.

Businesses are finding high open rates in case of sms, as compared to emails. With reliable and efficient bulk-messaging partners like SJ Technologies, companies can add their mobile landing pages to the message that removes the limit for 160 words. With higher up time and easy to use, user-friendly interface, they face lower delivery failures and higher open rates.

In times when the entire world is waging a war against this new kind of virus, Corona, Bulk SMS has been proved as a proven and reliable messaging channel that has been widely used by the companies and government institutions and the government itself. If your organisation is looking for bulk sms provider, do reach out to us @ +91-99994 60472 Our executives are happy to serve you.