These days, businesses need bulk messages to promote their products / services or spread the word about their promotional campaigns. These bulk messages are low-cost facility to stay in touch with your existing customers. Large companies have their full-fledged IT departments that provide them bulk SMS services, but the mid-sized and small businesses have to opt for this communication facility by independent bulk SMS providers.

A reliable bulk sms provider will offer you the following:

* Client friendly user interface to send out bulk SMS.

* A to Z price list

* Single window of contact

Those who are trying out these bulk sms services first time, they might be wondering how does it work and how can they use it. We bring you an easy breakdown of things in this segment that make you understand how can you select a service:

Send Text Online

Here, you simply need to open your computer system, log into the interface, which is very identical to the interface of sending out emails, and here you go: you are all set to send messages.

The best part of this service is that you are not restricted to one computer. You can use any system and any browser to access the your account and send the messages.

Send Bulk Messages from a Desktop Application

You can slo send out bulk SMSs by downloading an application on your computer. Regardless of any operating system, the application works fine where in you just need to type in your message an click on send button. Very much like email typing or sms typing on your mobile phone.

Generally businesses opt for this method as the application is easily available to them on their desktop via desktop icon.

Send Bulk Messages from a Spreadsheet This is the most uncommon way of sending out bulk promotional messages i.e. via spreadsheet. It is very simple to use but not many bulk sms providers offer this service. Here, send messages option will be add-on in the spreadsheet application itself, which makes it easiest way to shoot bulk sms. You simply need to select the contact details, write the body message from the templates and press the send button. Here, you do not need to exit the spreadsheet and open the bulk messaging application. It gives you an flexibility to customize your messages and recipients that is already available in the spreadsheet.