Who says, the SMS marketing will soon be a thing of past – a thing of bygone era. The statistics seems pretty impressive and are good enough to put down the skeptics on ground. Do you know, we check our cellphones 85 times a day, on an average of course? Yeah, we know, you will say that doesn’t translate into SMS open rates. Here are the numbers, 82.1%. Impressive, huh.

Indeed, bulk SMS marketing comes again with flying colours amidst all the existing marketing mediums. It is the 80% of mobile users who check their handsets first thing in morning. In fact, open rates for texts are way above than email open rates which is at 24%.

Here are the quick advantages that bulk SMS marketing has over other marketing mediums.

* SMS Marketing has best engagement rates

Bulk SMS Marketing has so far the best engagement rate among all the marketing mediums. Emails remained unread in the inbox for months, calls on the mobile phones remained unanswered. It is the text mesages that are read instantly. We all have a habit of attending to sms notifications as soon as they arrived.

Text SMS are opened instantly and read instantly. Hence, it gives the best RoI to businesses among all the existing marketing mediums.

The Emails have disappointing open rates i.e. 24%, as discussed above. The average CTR for pay per click ads are even more disappointing, which sits at 2%.

SMS marketing has often been mocked by social media and marketing strategists, has actually not given its due and has been highly under appreciated.

* SMS platforms are trackable platforms: Owing to the technological advancements, bulk SMS marketing is very much trackable. Businesses can track who has opened their messages, who has clicked and who stayed for how long, who just opened and closed.

There are innumerable platforms available in the market that allow you to micro-manage your marketing campaigns from their desktops and handsets. However, one must choose a user friendly SMS platforms with a due diligence and care.

We at SJ Technologies are at the fore-front of this industry and has been found as the most reliable, highly customisable and extremely user friendly SMS portal in the industry by our client base.

SJ Technologies’ SMS platform provides you the in depth analytics that allows you to track from initial delivery of the text message to its opening.

  • SMS allows you to send interactive content:

You can create a content in a way to engage your audience. Text messages allow you to provide an action button in the message content, that gives you instant feedback from your customer base. Like, a ‘reply’ button, participate in contest by sending quick and simple message or a click on to a webpage on your website.

SJ Technology’s well-trained and experienced marketing team will assist you at every little step to craft your content and your marketing campaigns that ensures the best return on your marketing investment.Our sales executives at SJ Technologies would be happy to hear more about your marketing goals. You may reach out to us @ 9999460472 or email us @ mehtanitin004@gmail.com. Scroll through our website: www.sjtechnologies.co.in.